of course 7 hours of mmissing data ,anyway big tech company shut down not only idividuals they will shut down the govermaents around world because "yes we cann obama beast logo"

so goverments are so scared cause those same big tech who shot down d..d trump they can shut down all countries now the goverments start to relize that it is a bigbigbig problem!!!!!!!

nuke war against china and total control of humans that is agenda 2021 of satan ,so vaccine is just to get people cursed because the vaccine is made of dead childrenwhich is a murder and for that  murder  people basiclly pay  to get it jam.and second face we been made of el šadaj image so satan want to cover that image so he create masks ,you have no idea how satan is clever but he knows, that kureš the king of east ben josef  has the el šadaj army and let me tell you  rfor all of you satanists for šure if satan would have the power would look so terrible ,no he isw cursed by el šadaj and his fallenangels are under stones so what kind of power does satan has no power his only kind of power is that people are so stupid and they are blind and they do not hear and they are in false religions and they are selfish and they like to commit sins ,so el ŠADAJ is taking his protection out of people and he let the satan to rule big part of the earth start from the 22.1.2021,that will create chaos war killing hunger and creation of the kingdom of east which will be protected by fire army of el šadaj and kingdom of beast and kingdom of false prophet vatican which will be destryed of course so all of you will find out that there is no other g-d beside el šadaj and there is no other savior from his but his son jahšua - hakadoš el jisrael 


you know the rabbis talking last 4 years that kureš is trump ,well iguess they have to find a new kureš  because trump is d..d everything else is a show for 80 mil. republicans after all he was a reptilian  decieved people and now satan knows every single republican by name number and email he knows all republicans ,how clever, trump created movement and maded a trap,

just to remind you rabis that person has to have a name K R Š and has to have another title as it is written in ješajahu in 45 ch, l V N and he has to be Jisrael obey all torah and fight for it !!!!that is ben josef kureš  jisrael

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