Никола́й Плато́нович Па́трушев Дми́трий Анато́льевич Медве́дев Серге́й Кужуге́тович Шойгу́

the really reason why satan and all reptilians including putin can not touch me is because i have a protection from el šadaj army of angeles 

why am isaying that , 

medvedev is very proud about almoust 500.000 soldiers that sign with russian army a contract 

here is a deal 

most of them are mulims they do not fight for russia they fight for money !!!!they are not willing to die for slovan land or for jahušua as iam 

medvedev listen very carefully when muslim islam "jesus!" will 2024 antichrist beast start ,there are people that have a holly spirit and on the other side - all muslims they get demons in that minute medvedev naruškyn bortnikov patrushev they will turn against russia army !!!!!it is spiritual war !!!!!

i am telling you the truth full of demons they will do what their boss antichrist islam mahdi  will tell them they will not listen šojgu or anybody from russian army 

either you like it or not you are prepering mahdi antichrist army because you train them equpt them ....and they are train equipt and combat ready in a minutein upcoming time  they will destroy alomost half of the christian russian army and its getting even better ,they can get a hold of nukes how many muslims have acces to the russian army nuke sides or have many undercover muslims are on subs or navy  or close to the nuke facilities _____?????

remeber prigožin big empire alwasy falls from inside !!!!they muslims will attack us from with in the russian army !!!!!!!!!' 

you do not know what is coming  i do !!!! i know the future 

we are on the end with josef nazir slovan army with help of angels army against  mahdi antichrist satan islam reptilian  army 

this is why duma putin medvedev and all of you  are finnish you worked for many years for satan reptilian putin who says that ko r ..n is holly !!!!! you worked for kabaallah satanic jews that denied jahušua and you stole bilions from my slovan nation/

so you will see what will mahdi antichrist  will do 

and that is why i wrote many months ago that slovan army can not have muslim inside for 2 reasons 

first its blasphemy against jahušua so that ARMY IS CURSED AUTOMATICLLY BECAUSE THEY WORSHIP A.L.h SATAN INSIDE THE RUSSIAN ARMY so the russian army can not have blessings 

second they can get a hold of nukes and nuke moscow petersburg ar any other city and kill with fifles many christians soldiers 

now if the itention is as all big emperiors did that thay recrute other nations to the army and put them in the first line, then of course that would be something else if all muslims will be in the first line then that is a good tactic but you all have to understand

you can not give a free speech of all religion  as a state  lAW  because that is blasphemy against father son and 7 holly spirits and all army of angeles !!!!!THAT IS WHY YOU FINNISH BECAUSE YOU DO EXCEPTIONS WITH SATANIC RELIGIONS AND THAT IS A HIGHEST BLASPHEMY AGAINAST FATHER HAKADOŠ JAH ABBA SON JAHUŠUA AND ŠEVA KADOŠ RUACHIM  7 HOLLY SPIRITS 

i will fiGHT for a freedom of humans in the only truth and that is father son and 7 holly spirits !!!!

!every other book is satan BUHA ALLH !!!!! I WILL NEVER EVER EXCEPT

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