antartida prison for fallen angels intil last judgment of el ŠADAJ,WITH ALL THE TECHNOLOGIES THE REPTILIAns can not!!! help the fallen angels that are there in prison ,if the people realized that angles who came to earthlly  woman and maded intercourse with them for that one sin!!! went to prison for thousands"!!!of years with no chance to ever be in kngdon of el šadaj , if people would know this ,they would not sin 


I am telling you ,that is why Jisrael Koreš refused to be the head of mossad ,cause he would have to shake hands having dinners and talk and make a deals with reptilians 

i am telling you politicians you all !!!will go to the fire lake and you will be burn ,torture by angels of El Šadaj forever !!!!day and night nobody will help you forever!!!!

because you shake hands with reptilians ,you work with them ,some of you cause of money some of you cause of fame, some of you cause of pleasure ,and some of you cause of power ....

but it is over for you politicians ,illuminaties ,freemasons , rich and full of pride !!!!

nucklear war and a huge suffering , and you will lose all control 

believe me ,its comming no!!! reptilians!!! will not help you you have no idea of power of el ŠADAJ ADONI 


halelu el Jah adonaj ki tov ,ki leolam chasdo

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