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IT security systems done by nort korea, russia and china and still ,and still  total blow ... f..ked  ,you know farsi  ,you did not do as i said ,so ,the prague codes were changed no access anymore ,new codes will be on market now you are years back again with bilions wasted into WC   , you know farsi ,what is the worst think?it can happen again again and again 7 times ,and on one ,no IT  from  north korea i  russia  china can help ,as i wrote before , there are those, who have everyone including cia ,pentagon  online with super computer that no  goverment  have ,let that be a huge warning to every one including us .!!!!any nuclear power reactor  any  planes with nukes  .....can have an accident for example temelin ?! today or tommorow who knows ,and evidence? no evidence when you inside online ...........by saing that, i demand cia pentagon white house reptile trump , to get out of the euro teritory with their nukes from germany netherlands romania and belgium, if you do not get out , there will be time soon very soon  , when you will nuke your own nuclear facilities  with your own nukes!!!  impossible??? well that what farsi  were thinking too ....

watch  mike and donald and  you will  see

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