as far as Kim i do not see a reason why not provide a Kim nuclear weapons att. to the codes to the satelites with coordinates: japan austr usa and eu , that way it can be only use in those coordinates 

10.000 artilery cannons soviet era

5.000.000 rounds of 152mm that is for 5 months of offensive right now , then give kim a material steel .....  to make an extra munition 300.000 rounds 152MM per month  maybe they can even build new munition factory just for that purpose with ROŠA MONEY 

now as far as solar storm welll we need to have a planes under ground (we do not have but iran does!!!) ,we need to have satelites ready to be lounch in "2 min "after, so we are first and last TO  have eye IN the sky but i am telling You ,this war will be with old soviet cannons and munition and tanks , because nobody understand that second there is a solar flare there are no chips no nothing all sensitive chips will burn (or emp nuke strike)

anyway in bible it is very clearly written,... that horses and swords .........that is a great war after solar flare so right now  a lot of munition from Kim and 150.000 soldiers as private volunteers.... for  money and food that is the goal  

that will take off presure  and factories in ROŠA can make lancet AI and nuk hyp. and guided bombs and FAB 1500


That is why  i wanted to nato to give all soviet munition and all soviet artilery cause now all nato has is hi tech done in minute after solar storm that is coming after that we roša we will have old weapons with no chip but working slava ROŠA slava slovan  

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