the end of the democracy i told you nazi reptilian state with satan and his army will be soon cast down and  of course vatican you will see this year 2021 it will all happen big war and so many volcanos and eartquakes and tsunami will shake and solar flare and the fire stones shower you will see no rapture !!!!!

big war and the kingdom of satan against  kingdom of east watch !!!! let me tell you if the reptilians would have any power i would be dead 43 years ,because satan he knows who i am and what will happen ,he has no power he trick all illuminati and all bussiness people  celebrities and goverments and secret services  and armies  they all sold their soles to the devil!!!!!!!

now when el šadaj army will come they will kill all those who worked for satan and reptlians no mercy and regarding duma they all know who they work with generals and fsb they know they work for reptilian putin they also watch very carefully every single comment  i make ,but they all sold their soles to satan and there for they all be tortured forever and i marcel levin thank to el šadaj for that because everyone has a choice and can make decision so i stand against satan beast false prophet reptilians shit holes and catholic church vatican with all my heart and the powerv that i have is because of that i will nevr back or betray josef -slovans and all 12 tribes of Jisrael i will always stand for the truth against a lie of evil 

i can not loose because imanielšadaj ,with me is el šadaj and his army leading by sar cva jahušua hakadoš el jisrael ehje ašer ehje the only son who is sitting  beside  the father 

when angeles start to clean ! those who will  survive from SLOVAN  goverments ,secret services and presidents generals  (i think almoust nobody ,because most of you are  bitches  of reptilians start with caputova a bitch of reptilian pope !!! ) but who  am i to judge ,then you will realize, that i was right ,remember these words and stay loyal humble and love with all your heart   el šadaj  JAH and his son jahušua  , because only he  can forgive you  


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