we lost a baltic sea we lost a black sea and kremlin allouwd circle of nukes around my beloved russia

now in 1917 a jew satanic synagog came and killed a good czar and his family and told all nation net gospodin net ijesus nevozmožno verit and (there is no father there is no son you can not believe that is what a lenin said and then all nation of russians who just yesterday been in church and kiss vladyka hand (by the way all vladykas are gay because they let another man to kiss their body  a hand which is gay man can not kiss another man hand!!!!!)

and kiss the picture (by the way they say it is a mary that name does not exist in hebrew and mirjam was a hebrew just there is no such a name as ijesus- sus is in hebrew horwe but acording a bible when jahušua was talking with moše he told him tell sons of jisrael ehje ašer ehje is sending you el avraham jicchak jisrael is my name ...,,

anyway you know what jahušua did to russians for that satanizm ___ they were eating their sons and doughters in stalingrad exactly according a curse that is written in torah hakodeš in 5 book chapter 28 they spit on the face of jahušua by listening to lenin and resolv - a curse and 27 mil .dead

i can guarantee you now it will even worse moscow 

i want moscow to be nuked so we can get blessing why?


reptilian satanic direct seed putin 

duma lavrov naruškyn bortnikov and all of others in kremlin openlly in russian law established islam as official religion which is satanizm !!!!!kill them ALLL MOTHER FUCKERS SATAN IS ALLLAH YOU SHITHOLES KREMLIN 

they building mosques in josef SLOVAN  land they and their families are cursed and all of them have to die just like those 3000 who did a gold cow when moše came down and broke the stones tablets with 10 words


elites are drinking blood of killed chidren which they tortured

big lodge of illuminaties and freemasons they worship g on their dicks yep satan

sex child trafficking in moscow one of the main cities in the world


i want with all my heart as much i wanted death with all my hearth of rottshild and el šadaj listened my prayer and that shithole is dead and nothing and nobody help him and i wish with all my heart all of them dead kremlin and all their familieas and all who support kremlin because they serve satan reptilian mother fucker putin and they promote islam satan they all have to die 

moscow is finnish they are all dead

as far sa me nuke the moscow 100 % on board 

i will never be a friend with anybody who worship satan and work with reptilians just like peskov lavrov medevedev naruskián bortnikov they are kabaallah with all west for many many years i want them all dead and it will happen all russians you will have to accept that just you accepted   a dead in all families in soviet after 2 world war 27 mil. it is only way to get blessinfg from heaven 

moscow will be for sure nuked and they will not go to bunker 

then russia will be freec and blessed by jahušua and we will fight wit reptilian army bur blessed 

by the way for what and why exacttlly is šojgu minister as general  he has no army backround!!!! 

nuke the moscow is rightess judgment upon these mether fuckers from kremlin they all with their families will be burn in fire lake they sold their soul to rthe satan allah budha lord šiva the all are dead anyway 

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