6:1And at the new day  of the third month he came out of the ark and built an altar on that hill.15. On this account it is ordained and written on the tablets of heaven that the celebration of the festival of weeks should be in this month, once a year, for a renewed covenant in each year and year. ' 16. And during the time this festival was being celebrated in heaven, from the days of creation to the days of Noah, it was twenty-six jubilees and five weeks of years; and Noah and his sons observed it seven jubilees and one week of years until the time when Noah died. 17. But his chil- dren violated it until the days of Abraham, and they ate blood. But Avraham alone observed it, and Jicchak  and Jakov observed it, for these are his children, up to thy day ; and in thy day the children of Israel forgot it until I renewed it for them on this mountain. 18. And thou command the children of Israel that they should observe this festival in all their generations as a commandment for. them: one day in the year, in this month, they shall cele- brate this festival. 19. For it is the festival of weeks and is a festival of first fruits; for this festival is of a doubl'i nature and double kind, as is written and engraved con- cerning its celebration. 20. For I have written it in the book of the first law in which I wrote to thee that thou shouldst observe it in its time one day a year ; and I have explained to thee the offerings on that day, that they should be remembered and that the children of Israel should celebrate it one day in each year. 21. And at the new day  of the first month, and in the new day  of the fourth month, and in the new day  of the seventh month, and in the new day of the tenth month are the days of remembrance and the days of the festivals in the four divisions of the years : written and ordained they are for a testimony until eternity. 22. And Noah ordained them for himself as festivals for future generations, for on them there was to him a remembrance. 23. At the new day of the first month it was said to him that he should make for himself an ark, and on it the earth became dry, and he opened [the ark] and saw the earth. And at the new day of the fourth month the mouth of the flood-gates of the lowest deep was closed. 24. And at the new day  of the seventh month all the mouths of the flood-gates of the earth were opened and the waters began to descend into the depth beneath. 25. And at the new day  of the tenth month the tops of the mountains appeared, and Noah became glad. 26. And on this account he ordained them as festivals of remembrance unto himself unto eternity, and thus they are ordained. 27. And they were raised into the tablets of heaven: thirteen sabbaths to each, from one to another their lemembrance, from the first to the second, from the second to the third, from the third to the fourth. 28. And all the days of this com- mandment are fifty-two sabbaths of days, and the whole year is completed. 29. Thus it is engraved and ordained in the tablets of heaven, and there is no transgression from one year to another. And thou command the chil- dren of Israel that they should observe the years in this number, three hundred and sixty-four days, and the year shall be complete and the fixed date of their days and their festivals shall, pot be corrupted, for every thing transpires in them according to their testimony; and they [Israel] shall not miss a day or corrupt a festival. 31. But if they do transgress and do not observe them according to his commandment, then will be corrupted all their fixed dates,, and the years will waver in consequence, and also their times and their years, and they will transgress their ordinances. 32. And all the children of Israel will forget and will not find the paths of the years, and will forget the new moon and the sabbaths and the festivals, and in all the order of the years they will err. 33. For I know, and from now on I shall make it known to thee, and not from my heart, but thus is written in a book before me and is ordained in the tablets of heaven, the division of the days, that they forget not the festivals of my covenant and walk according to the festivals of thr, gentiles, after their errors and after their ignorance, 34. And there will be those who will make observations of the moon, for this one [the moon] corrupts the stated times and comes out earlier each year by ten days. 35. And in this way they will corrupt the years and will observe a wrong day as the day of testimony and a cor- rupted festival day, and every one will mix holy days with unclean ones and unclean with holy ; for they will err as to months and sabbaths and festivals and jubilees. 36. And on this account I command thee and testify to thee that thou shouldst testify to them, for after thy death thy children will corrupt, so that they make a year only three hundred and sixty-four days, ' and on this account they will err as to new moons and sabbaths and fixed times and festivals and will ever eat blood with all kinds of flesh. '


14:.1 And after these events, in the fourth year of this week, in the new day of the third month, the voice of the JAH came to Abram in a dream, saying : " Fear not, Abram, for I am thy defender and thy exceeding great reward." 2. And he said : "O JAH, what  wilt thou give me, and I have no son; and the son of masek the son of my maid-servant,' this Eleazer of Darii- ascus, he will be my heir ; but to me thou hast not given any seed." 3. And he said to him: " This one will not be thy heir, but he that comes from thy body, he will be thy heir." 4. And he took him without and said to him: " Look upon the heavens and see the stars of heaven, if thou art able to count them." 5. And he looked at the heavens and saw the stars ; and he said to him : " Thus shall be thy seed." 6. And he believed the JAH, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. 7. And he said to him : " I am the JAH thy EL, who have brought thee out of Ur of the Chaldees, that I might give thee the land of Canaan for an eternal possession, and I will be to thee and thy children after thee a God." 8. And he said: " O JAH, by what am I to know that I shall inherit it?" 9. And JAH said to him : " Take to thyself a heifer of three years, and a goat of three years, and a sheep of three years, and a turtle-dove and a pigeon." 10. And he took all these in the middle of the month, and he dwelt near the oak Mimrg, which is near Hebron, and he built there an altar, and sacrificed all these and poured their blood upon the altar, and divided them into halves and laid them opposite each other; but the birds he did not divide.

16:11And in the third month, in the middle of the month, in the days which the JAH  had said to Abraham, on the festival of the first harvest, Isaac was born ; and Abraham circumcised his son on the eighth day : he was the first one cir- cumcised in the covenant as it was ordained forever.

44:1g. And Israel arose from Haran, from his house, at the new day of the third month, and came by the way of the well of the oath, and offered a sacrifice to the JAH of his father Jicchak, on the seventh of this month, and Jacob remembered the dream which he had dreamed at Bejtel, and he feared to descend down to Micrajim( Egypt). 2. And while he was thinking that he would send word to Josef that he should come to him, and that he would not go down, he remained there seven days(total 14 days 7+7), if he might see a vision, whether he should remain or go down. 3. And he celebrated the harvest festi- val of first fruits with old grain, for there was not a handful of seed in all the land of Canaan, for it was unfruitful for all the animals and beasts and birds, and also human beings. 4. And on the sixteenth thereof the JAH appeared to him and said to him: " Jacob, Jacob ! " 5. And he said: "Here I am." 6. And he said to him : " I am the JAH of thy fathers Avraham and Jicchak: fear not to go down to  Micrajim(Egypt), for I will make thee into a great people. 7. I will go down with thee and I will bring thee back into this land that thou be buried here, and Joseph shall lay his hands upon thy eyes : fear not to go down to Micrajim(Egypt)." 8. And he arose, and his sons and his sons' sons, and they placed their father and their vessels upon the wagons. 9. And Israel started from the well of the oath on the sixteenth(day after ŠAVUOT) of third month, and went to the land of micrajim(Egypt). 1






 On the eighth day ye shall circumcise all the males in your generation

15:7-9. On the eighth day ye shall circumcise all the males in your generation, the members of the household, and him whom ye have bought with gold from all the sons of the strangers whom ye have as your property, who are not of thy seed,—-they shall circumcise the children of the household, and whomsoever ye have bought shall be circumcised. 8. And my covenant shall be on your flesh as an eternal ordinance; and whosoever is not circumcised, all of thy males the flesh of whose foreskin is not circumcised on the eighth day, his soul shall be rooted out of his generation, for he has over- thrown ray covenant."!!!!!!!

 16. And at the time of these days Abraham was circumcised, and all the men of his house and all whom he had bought with gold from among the sons of the strangers were circumcised with him. 17. And this is the law for all the generations of eternity, with no change of days and no deviation of day from the eighth day, for it is an eternal ordinance, ordained and written in the tablets of heaven. 18. And every one that is born, the flesh of whose member is not circumcised upon the eighth day, is not of th^, children of the covenant which the Lord made with Abraham, but is of the children of destruction ; and he has no sign upon him that he is the Lord's, but he is for destruction and slaying from the earth and for rooting out of the earth ; for he has broken the covenant of the Lord our God. 19. For all the angels of, the face and all the angels of glorification were thus created from the day of their creation ; ' and he looked upon the angels of glorification, and he sanctified Israel that they should be with him and with his holy angels. 20. And thou command the children of Israel and let them observe the sign of this covenant, and for their generations as an etefnal ordinance that they be not rooted out of the land. 21. For it is ordained as a command of the covenant that they should observe it forever among all the children of Israel. 

15:24. And from now on I will announce to you that the children of Israel will brfeali faith with this ordinance, and will not circumcise their sons according to this whole law, for they will omit this circumcision of the children on this flesh of their circumcision, and they all, the sons of Belial, will leave their children without circumcision as they were born. 25. And the wrath upon the children of Israel will be great from the Lord, for they have deserted his covenant,and have departed from his word, and enrage him and blaspheme him, as they do not observe this ordinance according to this sign, for they make thpir members Uke the Gentiles for being torn and rooted out of the land. And no longer is there forgiveness or pardon for them that all their sin may be forgiven and pardoned for this error to eternity.!!!!!!!

ezekiel  44:7To have let men from strange lands,without circumcisionof heart or FLESH,come into my KADOŠ place ,making my house unclean ,and to have made the offering of my food,even the fat and the blood,and in addition to all your disquisting ways you have let my agreement broken

ezekiel 44:9For this cause the Lord has said, No MAN from a strange land, without circumcision of heart and FLESH, of all those who are living among the children of Israel, is to come into my holy place.

ješajahu 52:1Awake! awake! put on your strength, O Zion; put on your beautiful robes, O Jerusalem, the holy town: for from now there will never again come into you the unclean and those without circumcision.


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