so the kremlin has no respect who lavrov putin wanted criminal ??????

where is the respect 

1 majdam how that happened next door to moscow Cia and pentagomn come with 5 bilions. and do the coup ,where was a spy network ,joke clawns 

2 minsk they shit in the mouth of putin and lavrov sign fake minsk agreement and then prepare ukraine and nato army to attack 

3 blow nord stream another shit in putin mouth

4 putin shit hole reptilian shapeshifter took army to kijev then signed an agreement with ukr wc paper and once again they put shit in his mouth kremlin is a joke with no respect putin is ugly cursed creature satan direct seed

5 2 years and with all russian advantage technologies and huge army finally after 4 months got victory in avdievka one village as i wrote 4 months ago that will be taking by russian slovan army slow down the tucker int. with shithole shapeshifter putin and you will see his ugly reptilian satanic cursed face , but he and fucking reptilians are finnish 

6 us and nato planes coordinate the attacks and blow many russian missiles factories submarines and what____??? nothing  kremlin is saing all ok no problem they are a  joke kremlin are satanic clowns serving the satan shapeshifter putin if all world would be against putin then they would take that interview with carlson slow it down to nanoseconds and show the world the real face of putin ,but they will not do that why ????they are one reptilian gang one family ,satan family english king obama francesco netanyahu cameron johnson blair ,, the are dead cursed reptilianshitholes walking they all go to fire lake be burn forever bacause a soul feel everythink not the body and soul is eternal !!!!!!!

every city from moscow to washington to london to paris from paris to tel aviv from tel aviv to rome and list goes on and on every city which is rule by reptilian satanic creature will be nuked !!!!

guarantee you that EVERY CITY where the fucking reptilians rule will BE NUKED !!!!you will see for sure 

and now ,peskov lavrov bortnikov naruskin zacharova when a human is living he feel love ,hate ,pain ,cold, hot ,now ,when human die ,the body does not feel anything anymore you can burn the body and it will not move 

why ????

because it is eternal nefeš soul thatleaves the body after dead,  the SOUL  feel all of pain cold hot so when you put your hand into hot fire oven where there is 300 C remeber ,medvedev and all others reptilian slaves in fire lake inside of earth there is 3000 C ten times higher temperature ,imagine how your soul will be tortured right beside you medvedev will be sataan and putin -his seed 

remeber ,i am not stupid i know the secrets and  i know everybody who is working for reptilians will (his soul) be tortured forever in fire lake inside of the earth you all are so stupid and because you are the pillars of satanreptilian putin , moscow will be nuked and everybody will die you have to pay the price(of highest curse) for beeing the shitholes of satan and his direct seed as all others cities no exceptiones it has to be rightnes judgment 


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