This letter will systematically reveal that the Almighty has a personal Name. You may have heard this before, maybe not. You may not understand why this important, but behind the cover-up you will discover a sinister plot. There is a unique power in the use of the real Name of Divinity. And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of YHVH shall be delivered, Joel 2:32. Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved, Acts 4:12. Did you catch the importance of that one Name? Read Acts 4:12 again. (There are many other texts that also prove this to be true.) You will notice that we have returned the Name to its proper place according to the original manuscripts. The verse in Joel above reads, “whosoever shall call on the name YHVH” in the ancient Hebrew manuscripts from which the Scriptures were translated. This may sound foreign to you but do not be frightened by the use of these names. They were used all through ‘ Scripture but have been buried/removed by the false pen of the translators (Jeremiah 8:8). All we’ve been left with are man-made titles. Formal, proper titles, but titles nonetheless. If He bids us use His Name, use it--for in this Name is great power, even power over Satan himself. Satan flees when he hears the Sacred Covenant Name of the Creator for he hates that Name. You basically have a direct line into the throne room of heaven by using His revealed Name. If I try to get your attention by calling you (whichever is appropriate) ma’am, sir, Miss, Mr., madam, I might eventually get your attention. But if I call you by name, you’d turn your head, incline your ear... Paul says there are gods many and lords many (I Corinthians 8:5). Capitalizing God and/or Lord is a cheap imitation. He has given us His Name, feel free use it. Just don’t use it in vain. Exodus 20:7 In order for anything to be considered “established truth” we must have 2-3 witnesses. (Deuteronomy 19:15, Genesis 41:32, II Corinthians 13:1) Even the 10 Commandments are in Scripture twice, Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5. There are at least two witnesses to what I am about to share. The Father’s revealed Name is YHVH. (There were no vowels in ancient Hebrew) The evidence in Scripture reveals the pronunciation--YeHoVaH. Yahweh is the Greek translation of His Name. However, He does not have a Greek Name for He revealed it to a Hebrew speaking Moses hundreds of years before the Greeks came into the historical view. In fact, all the patriarchs and prophets (Adam to Malachi) knew Yah’s name. His Name is not necessarily Hebrew, but it was revealed to the Hebrews and phonetically recorded in Hebrew language in their ancient scrolls. The Father even has an acceptable contraction of His Name. If you have a King James or New King James Version, look up Psalm 68:4. It will read Jah in the KJV and Yah in the NKJV. Yah is the correct pronunciation. For instance the word Hallelujah is pronounced HalleluYah. There is a reason for this. It is a Hebrew word that means “praise ye Yah.” Beautiful isn’t it? The carpenter from Nazareth was given the name “Yahushua” by his parents, which means YHVH will Save or YHVH’s Salvation. Very fitting isn’t it? Psalm 68:4 is the only fingerprint left by the translators of the revealed Name. In 6,823 other places (6,823 witnesses) His Sacred Name has been changed to LORD or GOD. I’m sure you recognize that GOD and LORD are both titles, not proper names. He revealed His Name almost 7,000 times in the OT, it’s in the original manuscripts, but the translators have obscured all of them but the one in Psalm 68:4. In every one of the new (corrupt) modern English translations, even this one witness has been removed. Read Psalm 68:4 in the NIV or RSV. Poof. Gone. Obliterated. How is this one witness poignant? Because Yah will not be without a witness! It is the only fingerprint left and no one has been permitted to wipe it out of the Word. It should be no surprise that the Adversary was behind the cover-up in the first place. There is power in that Name that Satan does not want you to have. See Jeremiah 10:6. Then read it again later when you’re certain of His Name. Now follow this out. It is very straightforward. Everything can be proved with the Scriptures, a concordance, and a little common sense. Now is the time to rediscover His Name.... The Hebrew word for God is Elohim which is translated into English as the Almighty or Mighty One. Follow the next 10 steps logically and you’ll see that we have been duped. 1. You don’t call me “the” Troy, therefore His Name is not, “the Lord.” A proper name does not need the article “the” to introduce it. And it’s not “God” because anything can be a god. Saying the word God to a blind man does not identify to which god you are referring because He can’t hear the capitalized “G.” The Mighty One that I serve can restore sight to the blind. What is His Name? 2. His Name appears 7 times in the Ten Commandments and a total of 14 times in the covenant. (Exodus 20:1 to 23:33. See also Psalm 111:9) You can identify every place in original manuscripts that the translators buried the Father’s personal Name where it says G-D or LO-D in the all capitals as opposed to God or Lord. Ezekiel 11:7-10 gives examples of both. (The preface in most Scriptures admits doing this.) Again you might want to refer to a KJV or New KJV because of the corruptions in the new translations. (If you’re interested in why I say the newer translations are corrupt, I have a study prepared that will spell it our very plainly and will really open your eyes to some of the more clever deceptions.) In Paleo (ancient) Hebrew this Name is hwhy which translates to YHVH in English. No, we do not think His Name is Yahweh. This is the Greek translation of His Name and is not accurate. While His Name may not be Hebrew, it was originally revealed to Hebrews and recorded phonetically in their language. 3. There were no vowels in ancient Hebrew. These were added many centuries after 31 A.D. The name Jehovah, which is used several times in the KJV is the Middle Age effort of the Catholic Church to pronounce the more Modern Hebrew,

. After Israel returned from their Babylonian captivity, they slowly stopped using His Name. For two reasons: The Name was too Sacred to utter they said. Which is strange, the Father’s Name was uttered all through the OT. Yahushua kept the tradition alive by using the heavenly Father’s Name all through the NT, which nearly got him stoned at least twice, and ultimately got him killed. Secondly, Israel did not want the heathen nations around to utter and therefore desecrate His Name. (YHVH does not need us to “protect” His Name, we are to use it.) Note: This was a reality; when the pagan nations believed that someone else’s god was “all powerful” they would incorporate this deity into their own worship system. That is why there is an equivalent for Zeus, Nimrod, Ishtar, Tammuz, and many other pagan deities found in just about every successive world power. This started in Babylon (long before Daniel’s day), then Medo-Persia (Esther’s day), the Greeks, and later the Roman Empire. The Roman church simply renamed these heathen gods for the apostolic saints; and now many sincere Catholics have kissed the toes off of an ancient statue of Zeus believing it to be St. Peter. (We have pictures.) 4. There is no known prophet in Israel after the time of Malachi when this Name cover-up was pretty much complete. And little wonder, they were not calling on His Name! Gradually, Israel forgot His name and started calling Him L-rd. “ their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal.” Jeremiah 23:26-27. Baal means L-rd in Hebrew. In Hosea 2:16-17, YHVH says to stop calling Him Baal. Stop calling Him L-rd! He would rather we call Him Husband (Ishi). It is evident that He desires a personal relationship with us--one where we are free to call Him by His Name or the possessive title, Husband--rather than a business relationship, where we must call Him Sir or Lord. Ladies, do you know your husband’s name? Yahushua seems to have been commissioned to restore the right use of the Father’s Name as he used it (in face of death threats) all though his ministry. Why is the name of this false deity--Baal--and every other pagan deity’s name, transliterated phonetically into English, but the Name of YHVH is not? Using Strong’s Concordance, we have replaced the two names or titles in I Kings 18:21. How long will you falter between two opinions? If [YHVH] is the Almighty, follow Him: but if [the Lord], then follow him. And the people answered him not a word. (Remember, the word Baal means “Lord”). The translators have given us two words referring to Baal. We aren’t even given the right answer from which to choose! 5. Ancient Hebrew was hardly used 2000 years ago, being replaced by a Babylonian form of the Hebrew language began to be used. Whenever the “Jews” would read the Torah, they would say “Adonai” whenever they came to “YHVH”, the Name of the Father. (Adonai is translated, lord or master, naturally) About 600-900 A.D. vowel pointing was created because after the disbursement, the “Jews” began to forget how their language was read and pronounced. With this new aleph beth (Hebrew for Alphabet) they stuck the vowels for Adonai with the consonants Y-H-V-H as a reminder to not actually pronounce His Name. This hybrid (amalgamation) is what Catholic scholar, Petrus Galatinus had to work with and Jehovah was the result. He did pretty well considering the attempt to cover up the Name of the Father. Do you know where the Hebrew word Adonai came from? Does the Babylonian Adon sound familiar? No? What about Adonis? See Note on previous page. 6. One minor flaw with “Jehovah.” The Hebrew language did not, and still does not have a “J”. 7. Which leads to immediate scrutiny of the word “Jesus.” The letter “J” was not invented until the mid 1600’s. In fact, in the original 1611 version of the KJV, Jehovah is spelled Iehouah, and Jesus was spelled Iesus (a Greek name). Now the KJV reads Jehovah and Jesus. These are two different names. Jehovah and Jesus mean nothing in Hebrew. Acts 4:12 says, Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. So this is a VERY important issue. Here are some of the more pressing aspects of this issue… 8. Before you even think it, let us dispel the notion that Jehovah is the English translation. A name is never translated. It should always be transliterated. He has only one Name (Acts 4:12), not a name in every language. We don’t call Leonardo Da Vinci, Leonard--Mikhail Gorbachev, Michael--nor do we call Pablo Picasso, Paul. If you can say Leonardo, Mikhail, and Pablo you just spoke perfect Italian, Russian and Old Spanish. If you can say Osama bin Laden, you just spoke perfect Arabic. We never call him Big Cat, son of Laden, his name “translated” into English. If we cling to the man-made names and titles (Lord, God, Jehovah, Yahweh) for our heavenly Father, this means we show more respect to foreign dignitaries than we do our Creator. 9. It is said that a particular carpenter from Nazareth was born into a Hebrew family and given a Hebrew name, Yehoshua. Is it possible that 8 days after his birth, he was taken to the temple where the Father’s Name was housed (I Kings 5:5, I Chronicles 22:7-10), circumcised and given a GREEK or Roman name? Come now, let us reason together! Yehoshua, (accent on the 3rd syllable and Yeshua are both a form of the Hebrew word Yesha, which means “salvation.” Yehoshua or Yeshua means “YHVH will Save” or “YHVH is Salvation.” See Matthew 1:21. For He (meaning YHVH) shall save His people from their sins. See Hosea 13:4, Isaiah 43:10-11, Isaiah 44:24, and Isaiah 45:21-22. The word “Jesus” or Iesue does not mean salvation. The Greek word for Salvation is Soteer or Soteeria. Yeshua said he came in the Father’s Name. What part of “Jesus” is part of the Father’s Name? The only part of “Jesus” that means anything in Hebrew is the second syllable, sus, which means horse. The word “Jesus” does not fit the bill in meaning or in application. Yeshua (or Yahushua) was the messenger; “Yeshua” (YHVH will Save) is the message! 10. So what is the Father’s Name? Let’s let Scripture tell us. Yahweh is a Greek rendering of the Hebrew word YHVH. You learned earlier that Psalm 68:4 gives us the first syllable of this Name— Yah. A good marginal reference for Elijah and Obediah in I Kings 17:1 and I Kings 18:3 will reveal the second syllable of the Father’s Name—Hu (Ho). Elijah’s real name is EliYahu meaning My Mighty One is YHVH. Obediah’s real name is ObadYahu, meaning Servant of YHVH. The name’s Hodevah and Dodavah in Nehamiah 7:43 and II Chronicles 20:37 (respectively) reveal the last syllable of the Father’s Name—Vah. Dodavah means Love of Yah. Hodavah means Majesty of Yah. What part of Dodavah or Hodavah means Yah? The Vah of course. There you have it, YeHoVaH. In Hebrew, names are contracted differently. In English, Michael is contracted to Mike. In Hebrew, Michael would be contracted to Mel. This is why the Father’s full name is YehoVah, but the poetic contraction is Yah, combining the fist and last syllables. Individually, any one of these 10 is intriguing positive evidence. Any 2 or 3 of these is proof established by YHVH. All ten collectively leaves no room for doubt.....or excuse. Respectfully submitted,

 PS--Notice the deception at the end of John 5:43 that Yahushua says will take place. Whom will Satan claim to be when he sets up his kingdom here on earth? He will say he is Jesus Christ. A name Satan has cleverly created and nurtured for centuries. Now Christ is an honest translation of the Hebrew title, Messiah--both mean “anointed one.” The problem here is that Cristos [Christ] is the name of a pagan Greek deity. So if Jesus Christ is “translated” into English, at best we are left with a name the man himself would not recognize. At worst we are breaking the covenant (Exodus 23:13) by taking the name of a pagan deity upon our lips. Either way it makes you sick doesn’t it? Final Note: the pronunciation suggested above is just that, a suggestion. As more light is revealed, a better pronunciation may be ascertained.



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