The Ukrainians Destroyed The Russian Ship With A Cruise Missile Strike. Military Summary 2023.12.26 (

russian ship destroy !!!!26.12. by us weapon giving by us zionit jews to ukr zionist jew zelensky 

just another reason to support jemenies with missiles and torpedos and drones and naval drones and ......,anyway 

as i wrote many years ago nato circle roša and now have access to v12 military bases in finland where they either you like it or not will deploy nuclear weapons watch !!!!

so roša is in situation where there is russian soldier with knife and front of him 3 american cowboys loading their colts so soldier can wait and when they load their weapons they will kill him ,or he will kill with knife all of them before they load their colts 

as far as kalingrad naval base you know what is a point to have strategic naval base ,when you will loose it in 20 minutes just to say we have naval base ??

we lost it minute where a soviet stupid goverment agreed to make a borders in bettween poland and latvia that time  they had a chance to say ok we will devide soviet state but we want a corridoor 20 km from poland and 20km from latvia to have a direct access to kalingrad ¨¨and that corridoor will be russia but they did not do it !!!!


in this case of war of drones and missiles we loose in up coming war all base and all ships and subs that will be there (in kalingrad) 

so move all ships and nuke subs from that naval base šojgu gerasimov because a war is coming and first they will destroy is that naval base we lost it long time ago there is no point to lie to our self!!!!!!

move all ships and subs from kalingrad naval base or you will loose it !!!!!!!

we need a bases like balaklava under rock !!!!to load nuke subs .....


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