my condolence for people of persia ,i condemn that terorist attack that happened on memorial  day of assasination of persian general which everyone who read sevenroses know, that i krš lvn nzr jisrael ben josef condemned and wrote the persia has a right for revenge as this time as well you have a right to revenge 

now you been giving a great privilege to have a best unstoppable missiles that nobody has ,but us slovans (you have also nukes ),it is also a big responsibility ,

so this is my view 21 days start from  7th of jan that is 27th of jan 7 days 3 weeks 21 days

north front total war 

syria front 

iraq front 

red sea front support jemen 

shut down Mediterranean sea 

shut down strait of hormus 

use the rockets ,missiles that no system can shut down  total war 

if not then third side will recieve all the keys from your doors! and you will become very vurnerable and all missiles you can put then in WC and flash it, nothing will work all your systems will be exposed 

i am not lavrov who 100 times says we will nuke london while his all family lives there in multi milion pounds houses that he bought with money that he   stole from my nation and bribes that he took from zionist kaballah shiholes  or king of jordan who says i  am with palestine and i will  never let them down ,while his wife is buying diamonds in paris and palestinians have no food while he is paid by cia and has  his houses  in london and california a joke !!!i hope palestinians in amman will kill him and start a war from east -west bank because he is a bitch shithole of cia or sisi here is a good one 

paid by mosad even the egyptians in prague ordinary people who have a restaurant told me when i asked them , we know he is a mosad spy is he still a life or he got poison ,well mahdi will kill him anyway  

anyway my point is i am not like them i say and i will do !!!!21 days 

we will help you to shot down nato and rothshitholed you know that, but i want to know if you just a talkers or not 21 days 

then all of your systems will be given and exposed  and believe me, there are many who hates me, but they will do anything to get inside your systems!!!

start a total war !!!persia

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