so lets say ,that pentagon tell you ,that they provide you a security, ok so lets play a game here 

you salman call austin and burns and tell them ,that you want a prove that they can protect saudi and uae tell them ,they only need just for fun kill levin marcel in 77 hours 7 minutes and we can even extended for another 7 hours ok ? and if they do not do that, you cut all oil going to usa and all support for us

i know how you love games salman so lets do it!!! 

then you call mossad barnea and bibi tell them  ,no more normalization and no support and no more trucks passing by to tel aviv with goods and no more banking cooperations and loans and any bussiness  unless he kill marcel levin in 77 hours 7 minutes extended for another 7 hours 

and then you call borttnkov naruskin and putin(double) and tell them no more cooperation in brics unless they kill marcel levin in 77 hours 7 minutes extended for another 7 hours after that 

if  i am still here after that ,then this is the truth 

i rule over reptilians they can not do nothing i rule in holly spirit ruach hakadoš over    s a   t   a    n    and i with tech that nobody not  even russian army has will decide, what will happen with your cities on glory of el jisrael  so you will know  and then you can be like a pharo (but do not forget what happened to him what el jisrael thrue moše did to him his every first born and his army and his land or you send somebody  to sit across of my table i will be in all white and i will tell him 

but salman power of el šadaj you can not buy it is giving from heaven to rule over satan and his seed reptilians and they all shit their pands they are all going to hell if they  could cia mosad mi6 all satan spy agencies run by reptilians they would devided me into atoms  but they can not 

 start 7:00  today 7.02 2024

ps do not worry about aby investigation fiala and koudelka are having a wet dreams about my assasination and prague there a lot of cia abd mosad assasins start tommorow 7 am prague time finnish 12:07 saturday extended  7 hours is saturday 7:07 PM Prague time 

i will shut the missiles with tech that angels of el jisrael 

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