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jews they fuck you stab you rob you and then they want you to thank them and when they get fucked they want you to side them while they fucking you and be their good friend!!!!!

marcel not too much  :the so called jews we know they are synagog satan called the ambasador of russia for not condemming their jew hamas who  they jews created and cia financed and netanyahu gave cases with dollars every year and that is the reason why they sin bet and mosad did not do nothing with  the intel report warnings from others that hamas is planing something cause they were thinking well, we just paid them so we have hamas in our pockets but hamas took money from mosad and fucked them as jews fucking everybody in the world for years

they killed our good brave  czar who just made a great victory against jews in ww1 so they killed him an all his family that is how they do it they infiltrate inside and then they strike !!!

they killed gadafi so they could take all his accounts that he personlly had in jew banks and destroy lybia (by the way do we have a nukes there already ??24:10.2023??? !!!they lounch total war against nuclear state Roša , took 200 bilions from russia federal reserves jews blinken jellen nulland all jews !!!!!and gave the profit from that to another jew zelensky to kill more slovans !!!!(avdievka in 7 days will be ours russian flag will be there ,remember zelensky !!!!!


so after that these jews lounched a total war against us killing by their  bitch  jew zelensky 630.000 slovan solders they want us slovans to condem hamas attack ?????!!!!!which in festival on holly day jom aceret there people were worshiping budha and fucking drinking and taking drogs on jom aceret!!!!! i would say el šadaj ze el šadaj and his will is on heaven and earth and there is soa2 coming be sure that 6 nuclear countries are ready along with many muslim countries 

we are in nuclear war against you rothshield and hexagram  do nt you get it ????? iran has nukes inside outside , north korea, china, russia, pakistan syria  all just wait for ground operation in  deep gaza then you  will see   ...........many nukes in m.east 

ps nobody give a fu..k about bitch jew blinken and his re lipstick at night when in red stockings he is getting fucked and nobody give a f..uck about rteterded joe 

russia VS nato ,china will create another front      iran will lounch at the same time 1000 rockets on every us base close to 500 km and take down planes and patriot systems i wish all us  patriots destroyed !!! iran has enough missiles to fu..k patriot system (same path sa hamas did or russia in kijev ) after iran  take down us  bases with planes .. use ..nukes.. move ....that is just a start, use satelites to find  how many patriot every us base has , s 500 and other hi tech  be in place in case of f35 attack on syria and lebanon to defend all lebanon and syria teritory ...with many hypersonic nukes in place ready 17 seconds that is just a start destroy all us flotila ford and eisnhower warships

3 fronts  pacific m.east. eu russian and the fourth is inside front  70 milions muslims in eu bio chem. and nuke attacks 4 fronts revolutions and their jihad on eu gov. 

and that is just a start after 6 nov.

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