dalajlama is reptilian shapeshifter which rule the stn religion budhism as all leadres of all religions are reptilians !!!! pope christians call him hlly as  muslims call khamenei supreme leader holly and budhists call dalajlama reptilian shapeshifterc  holly as well so in all religions call people of many nation their leaders who are reptilians -holly !!!!

can you imagine that christians call pope a holly as well as they say that he is unmistakeble!! it is blashpheme against ho-ly father who is in heaven  !!!

that is how stn out played a all world and his force reptilians are leaders in every single religion and in  are leaders all nuclear power misless  states !!!!!


22:03,22.17 left hand ,22:30 right hand 23.02 right hand 23:58 right hand 42:14 left hand54:37-38s reptile eyey 54:39  doubleshift  of the eyes and 54:42 no right hand at all !!!this is yourů holy" satan in flash budhists!!!!


0:51 s 0:52 s hand 0:53 hand 0:56 hand with 7or eight fingers  1:00 thick reptile fingers  1.03 same thing 1:20 face 2:32 totally broken face shapeshift  try to cover it up by his right hand but hand is also fu-ked as well 2:34

wake up budhists!!!

put those videos in very slow motion in 0,25 slow on the right botton of the video and stop it on that seconds multiple times and you will see it!!!!!

Projekt "AUTOBUS"


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