Modern juda is mus a vs tora 

In tora ,    we can read in the  5 book of mose 6 chapter 8 vers 11: 18" uksartam leot al  jadecha vehaju  letotafot bejn ejnecha ,the world letotafot mean a precious stone in other time in 2 mose 13:9 it is writen ot which mean a sign in english FOR SURE it is not written in tora to put blackcube  on your forheads as today  ortodox  juda  do!!! 
The same black cube is the corner stone in the mecca that is a symbol of satan!!!!
 the same praying kaba allah is -  kaba -destroy(in hebrew)  in hebrew(the black cube) allah (curse  in hebrew so they orthodox jews pray to destroyer allah ,that is why they do not say el ŠADAJ NAME ,THEY CALL THEIR G-D HAŠEM ( MEANS THAT NAME ,BUT WHICH NAME IS THAT???!!!
ORTHODOX JEWS   worship the black cube-kaba  allah
They missed 2000 years ago  the hagadol hanavi-jahusua 5 mose 18:15 ,searvat who TOOK  our sins AWAY , AND RECONCILIATION US WITH EL ŠADAJ
jesajahu 53,
son of man daniel 7 :13 the malach which has inside the name of Jah-  3
2 mose 23:20 32:34,4 mose 20:16- malach(JASHUŠUA) who tooK out our forefathers out of micrajim 
 1 mose  14:17-20 malach cadik malach ŠALOM
psalm  110 COHEN malach cadik malach ŠALOM 
And  because they redukce the true the evil  put in their heart the - talmud,El sadaj did what he promised in tora and their children been put in the gas chambers that was a will of el sadaj !!!!( ww2)but they did not see set and still do what is so bad in the eyes of el, Šadaj they build a STATE  with hexagram symbol with reptilian  money  and build army with reptilian NUKES   TRY TO  guess ,what will el sadaj do  with this state!!!
Christianity worship IS WORSHIP of dead!!! and paul as their 12th apoštol!?who SAW  a light -luxIFER on the desert and with out a second wittness claimed  that that was jahusua
No way !!!!
Jahusua never canceled law but oposite  jahusua said that it is better  for  them  that  he leaves  so they can recieve  a ruach (SPIRIT)HAKADOŠ so tell me one reason after ruach was giving, why jahusua  would show himself  to paul, after he said  you will  not see me,and i will go to my father, now there are 2 wittness who was jahusua but in heaven!!! Stephen and Jochann AND  they see a son of man so tell me one reason why jahusua would show himself as ,light when all PRPHETS SEEN HIM  was a fire....SON OF MAN  eye like fire legs ..... like METAL  they see bis hands legs so paul did not see jahusua for SURE
If you burn paul Letters from bible  as i did you find out that law is valid and forever no one can change it and that if you try to obey all mose law you  have have a mersy in his son!

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