elon musk if he think that idf mosad or hi tech company can help to upgrate his security in starlink or space program ,then my answer is for sure they can not even protect any of their any and all systems!!! can switch offf colect data .....anythink 

by the way thank yo all for providing the starlink data and satelites over land of jisrael ,you pay for it we use thank you ill get all for free 

by the way next time again you lounch elon musk  your rocket ,,,aa hello helooo helo ,,,,hello ooooo nop no answer so you spend bilions and we make sure that a ups no connection 

why____::::???? you support nazi ukrajina so and no it is no russian army  it is us ......

we own you elon musk ,but then again you just reptilian just like sara netanyahu and her husband cretures reptilians  that suck dick of satan who is just reptlian shit  hole and transvestit you all going to fire lake and you all going to be tortured forever  along with satan trans bitch i nfire fire bitch 

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