February 2021 16 hours cme solar flare and huge circle energy for hours and  hours  around the earth 

now ,the preasure of el šadaj was a month ago for around an hour now it is several hours ,the question is not if, but when and how hard the earth will suffer from this ,now in prophets in ješajahu it says that there will be shaking of the earth  and will break into pieces and that el šadaj will judge with a fire (solar flare stones shower ,big stone into ocean and that earth will lean from its position ,that will create a huge waves and many islands will be under water so as the city bye new yourk , the solar flare will create a total destruction of all technologies and  the power that is around the earth will create volcanos and huge eartquakes , that means war hunger nad evil army that is going to be cast down with satan officially  

for all illuminaties and freemasons ,you been tricked cause all reptilians are dying that means that satan has no power ,those are his children !!!,IF HE COULD HE WOULD SAVE THEM !!!that means ,that he does not control the eternal lefe ,so for all of you freemasons illuminati AND GOVERMENTS NAD GENERALS AND SENATORS AROUND A EARTH THAT SERVE REPTILIANS WITH PRESIDENTS ...ETC.and reptilians there is no escape, but only fire lake FOREVER TOURTURE BY EL ŠADAJ ENGELS .ITS COMING ,PACK YOUR SHIT REPTILIANS THE ARMY OF EL ŠADAJ IS COMING FOR ALL OF YOU. ALL WHO SERVE satan their bodies will be burn and the dašan put to the dung behind a city watch !!!TRUST ME, ONCE SATAN WAS A BEAUTIFULL CHERUB BUT STILL THE PRIDE CUT HIS HEART AND HE WAS CURSED AND LOOK LIKE SHIT NOW AND IF HE COUD HE WOULD CHANGE THAT ,HIS FALLEN WATCHERS ARE FOR THOUSANDS YEARS BELLOW ICE WITH NO ESCAPE !!!! SATAN HAS NO POWER IF HE COLUD I AM DEAD BUT HE CAN NOT ,KI IMANI EL ŠADAJ 

el šadaj ze el šadaj!!!! b lecha batachti eliCURIŠADAJ HAKADOŠ JAH AVI  B LECHA BATACHTI KOL LEVI 


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