Well I know when reptilian Putin showed the" hypersonic missiles" ,he said ,from then , all world will listen , well this is my message to all of super powers , it does not matter what kind a missiles you have, it matters who and when can with supercomputer aktivate them or change their codes ........start them and

......... anyone an everyone(exclude reptilians) , who would like to sit and talk has to go through Mr .President Zeman , He just became the most powerfull man in EU

 reptilians know that, and just to tell you, to all of you, reptilians illuminaties dont run this world ,if they would, fallen angels woud not be in prison under earth for and thousands and thousands of years!!!El ŠADAJ IS EL ŠADAJ. HIS WILL IS ON HEAVENS AND EARTH AND UNDER THE EARTH AND IN WATERS :HAKADŠ JAH IS THE ALMIGHTY.



Marcel Levin

Projekt "AUTOBUS"


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