i totally endorse this book what is written in the book of henoch is the truth , everything is in the hands of El ŠADAJ and his son 

recomend take your time and read it 

evil has a power only because of human   desires and selfishness ...

what the govermant does not tell you is that the heating of the earth is from nibiru ,that is getting closer  the garbage(little stones ) that is flying with nibiru will come down and destroy the cities and kill many people , of course nobody will bury them so the dever (black dead) will arise then a big stone is coming to the earth that will destroy many ships in oceans and by nibiru getting closer (they spray the sky with chemitrials from planes , so people will not see it !!!) the earth will shake (size of nibiru is 5 times bigger) and it will move from its position (ax) and then because of that the oceans will recline from one side to anothher create a huge waves that will totally destroy the cities by the oceans and islands.

now that reality near future that is coming next eyear reptilians know they go to antartica which is land of all countries and has restricted areas and kerry putin kuril and all others reptilians come to see imprisoned falling angels that are under the rocks and that wait until a last judgment and then they will be put to the fire lake along witgh evil and all who served him 

they do not want you humans to know that because if people would realize that even with today technologies angels watchers  are in prison  because it is a will of el šadaj JAH ,( imagine that your soul is burned 24 7 forever  ) they would not shake hands with reptilians and serve them like czech govermant and specially andrej and  only mayor,the problem is that by doing that they take a responsibility for the nation and punishment for that nation , because nations that don not listen  el šadaj and its leaders work for reptilians  will by wiped out !!

nuclear war materials and technologies that you do not know super computer ( imagine that it takes a days to fix a primitive virus that was send to hospital and okd , imagine what will happened when will super computer send a perfect program which will change the codes ,so you will be not be able to ever fix it 

now reptilians they know that ,netanyahu in 2015 wanted mr N to became a head of the mossad he knew that with mr. N he would became by far the most powerfull reptilian - of course mr. N refused because he does not work with reptilians or share technologies can imagine that israel was that man or not?

andrej and mayor asked cia to find out the black case ,but cia did not help ,cause cia is directed by reptilians and they can not change a book of destiny !!!!!

as a matter of fact!!!they are the ones  will beg israel who is coming to šamajim after his duty  to el šadaj will end  , to ask el šadaj for forgiveness for them !!!

-muslims will execute it and it is their decision as punishment 

our hands are clean 

reptilians and all the major secret services run by reptilians will stay out of this!!!!

you touched  what belongs to el šadaj adoni and worked direct for reptilians you only mayor and andrej you are responsible



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